Training FAQs

Do I need to be in shape to begin training?
Absolutely not! Our beginner classes are one hour in length and are designed to give you a foundation of basic Muay Thai while buliding your strength, cardio, and flexibiity. Our fight Fit classes are a great way to supplement your training to increase overall fitness.

What should I wear to class?
Most students wear gym shorts and a t-shirt to class. No shoes are allowed on the mats.

How long will it take to move from the beginner to intermediate class?
Everyone is different, but most students are moved within 6 weeks of consistent training from beginner to intermediate class. Consistent training means attending class at least 3 times per week.

Will I need to purchase equipment?
No equipment is needed initially. Prior to moving to the intermediate class, you should buy 180″ handwraps and have one of our instructors show you how to wrap your hands. Intermediate and advanced classes require handwraps, bag gloves, shinpads, mouthpiece, and cup. If you want to participate in open sparring, you will also need 16 oz. gloves and headgear. Equipment can be purchased at the gym or online at various websites including fightersinc.com or titleboxing.com.

How big are the classes at Best Muay Thai?
It varies from day to day, but typically 8-12 people per class. We have 4 different levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive. Quality of instruction remains high with under 12 people in class, while giving students a variety of partners to work with.

I have no intention of ever competing, can I still train at Best Muay Thai?
Of course! Very few people participate in the sport with the intent to fight. Most people in the US that train in the sport do so for the fitness, self defense and camaraderie aspects. We do have a team of competitive fighters, both professional and amateur, but you will never be pushed to compete if that is not your intent.

Have more questions? Call Sunshine at 602-330-1537 or email SUNBOXER4@MSN.COM