Meet Bob Karmel!

Master Bob Karmel is a living legend with nearly three decades of experience as a dedicated martial artist, athlete and instructor. He has a reputation as the most elite Muay Thai trainer in the world. Master Bob has put more pro athletes to their test in Thai Boxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts than anyone. It has been said that if you want to win, the road to being a champion must lead through the camp of Bob Karmel.

Master Bob has spent the previous three years as head Muay Thai coach at Lion’s Den Scottsdale. In those three short years he produced eight National Muay Thai Champions and won the National Team Championship at the 2010 Thai Boxing Association annual Muay Thai tournament. Over the years Master Bob has coached countless athletes to local, National and World titles in Muay Thai and Boxing.

Mr Karmel spent several years in Thailand as a professional fighter and was the first American allowed to become a Muay Thai trainer in Thailand. In addition, Master Bob founded the world renowned Fairtex Muay Thai Camp USA. Currently, Bob is the USMTA Senior State Director as well as the Thai Boxing Association USA State Director.

Throughout his previous 20 years in Arizona, Master Bob has headed several Muay Thai programs in gyms around the valley, as well as previously owning a small gym in Chandler, Back Alley Muay Thai Camp. In order to further promote and grow the sport, Bob saw the need to open a gym that focuses on Muay Thai. Best Muay Thai is an assembly of several of the best coaches this state has to offer, all long-time students/fighters of Bob Karmel, all dedicated to the promotion and proper teaching of Muay Thai.