Fight Team

Best Muay Thai has both male and female fighters available in various weight classes and levels of experience.  Click on the fighter name to go to their profile page.

Josh Pickthall

Name: Josh Pickthall Age: 32
Fight Weight: 159 lbs
Height: 5’10”
Record: 10 Wins 2 Losses
Current Titles: USMTA Arizona 159lb. State Champion

Damien Early

Name: Damien Earley
 Age: 21
 Height: 6’2″
 Fight Weight: 153 lbs
Record:   1-0-0 Professional
Current Titles:

Pixi O’Reilly

Name: Pixi O’Reilly
Age: 29
Height: 5ft 4in
Fight Weight: 108-118 lbs.
Record: 3 wins, 2 losses

Brianna Frazier

Nick Chasteen

Name: Nick Chasteen
Height: 6’1″
Fight Weight: 147
Record: 17-3
Current Titles: -tba sa 2009 world champion -usmta world tournament champion -usmta state champion -usmta regional champion -usmta intercontinental champion -usmta western regional champion

Gustavo Romero

Name: Gustavo Romero
Age: 45
Height: 5ft 9in
Fight Weight: 159 lbs.
Record: 3-0

Armando Casillas

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