Damien Early








Name: Damien Earley

 Age:  23

 Height:  6’2″

 Fight Weight: 147 lbs

Record:  15 Wins 2 losses, 4 ko’s Amateur/ 2-1-0 Professional

Current Titles:   USMTA AZ State title, USMTA Western States title, USMTA World title and 2010 TBA World Champ

 Favorite Muay Thai technique?  My favorite Muay Thai technique is the straight in elbow,  sometimes called the rhino elbow

 Toughest fight of your career so far?  My toughest fight was my last one that didnt go my way but eh its the name of the game you win some you lose some

 Is there anyone in particular you aspire to fight?  Nah i just hope i have a great and healthy career.

As far as Thaiboxing, what ultimately do you want to accomplish?  Turn pro, become a trainer, switch to MMA….or what?  Well to me it wouldnt really matter pro or not i just want to stay in shape and become the best I can be.

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