Josh Pickthall

Name: Josh Pickthall

Age: 32

Fight Weight: 159 lbs

Height: 5’10”

Record: 10 Wins 2 Losses

Favorite Technique: Left hook to the body or left switch kick to the body

Current Titles: USMTA Arizona 159 lb. State Champion

Toughest fight of your career so far? Toss up between Michael Ellison from Boxing Works or Alex Namoski from AKA. Ellison was a great technical match but Namoski I lost and felt I could’ve beat him with a little more effort on my part.

Is there anyone in particular you aspire to fight?  I appreciate great technique and love a challenge and I would love to fight anyone that can bring both. I would love to avenge the two losses as well.

As far as Thaiboxing, what ultimately do you want to accomplish?  I would love to have a couple of pro fights and turn to training people one day. Any way that I can keep Muay Thai a part of my life.


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