Nick Chasteen








Name: Nick Chasteen


Height: 6’1″

Fight Weight: 147

Record: 17-3 (amateur) 1-0-0 (PROFESSIONAL)

If you have any, which tites do you currently hold? -tba sa 2009 world champion -usmta world tournament champion -usmta state champion -usmta regional champion -usmta intercontinental champion -usmta western regional chamnpion

Favorite Muay Thai technique?  Spinning Back Elbow

Toughest fight of your career so far?  Artem Sharoshkin ,ill see him in the pro’s though and catch him there.

As far as Thaiboxing, what ultimately do you want to accomplish?  Turn pro, become a trainer, switch to MMA….or what?  To turn pro, and inspire other upcoming fighters, giving back to my gym my community and muay thai, and be one of the inspirations that people go to when they look upmuay thai highlghts, and show people you can grow up from having nothing and be succesful through hard work and determination and sacrifice

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