INKOSI Fights April 28 in Allentown, PA.

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Two of Best Muay Thai’s top amatuer fighters will travel to Allentown, Pennslyvania to fight in the Inkosi Fights 155 lb K-1 style tournament on April 28.  In the first round of the tournament BMT’s Josh Pickthall will face Josh Aragon and Damien Early will fight 3 rounds vs. Kris Lindsey.  The tournament features top amatuers from around the country in K-1 style, 3 round fights.  For more information go to

RESULTS:  Both AZ fighters WIN!  Josh Pickthall (Pictured above in red shorts) won by KO vs. Josh Aragon via straight right to the head in the first round!  Damien Early (Black shorts above) won a unanimous decision!  Both will continue into the second round of the Inkosi fights tournament.  Dates and opponnents TBD.


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