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Best Muay Thai AZ has been locally owned and operated by Sunshine Fettkether and Bob Karmel for years. We have been in our current location for 7 years and have been teaching, training and competing in Arizona since 1995. We seek to provide Tempe and other cities around the valley with authentic Muaty Thai training in a well equipped, positive training environment. Our training is designed for adults from the complete beginner phase of no training to professional fighter. Either way, BMT is here to help you achieve your goal whether it’s gaining stamina, losing weight or becoming a competitor.

Our current schedule has over 40 classes with AM and PM classes 6 days a week to accommodate everyone, including those with a busy schedule. Competition is never a requirement and will not be pushed on you, however, the option to train with our competitive team of fighters is always an option if you desire to fight.

We are staffed with 4 generations of trainers and fighters. Join Best Muay Thai Arizona and get in the best physical shape of your life!

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