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Beginner Muay Thai:
This class is where you start if you have not had any previous training in Muay Thai. Here you will learn fundamentals including proper stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, the rear straight knee, and basic elbow techniques. Techniques are practiced via various partner and solo drills. Students are given an introduction to the proper use of Thai pads, focus mitts and belly pad. Students will use these training tools in class, with a partner, and begin to put together basic techniques. Your level of fitness, both cardiovascular and muscle strength will improve with consistent training and prepare you for the next class level. Class time is usually one-hour in length and classes are normally structured in the following manner:

  • Warm-Up: 10 min.
  • Concept or Technique Demonstration/Explanation by Trainer: 10 min.
  • Technique Practice by student (Pad-work, bag-work, drills): 30 min.
  • Calisthenics: 10 min.

Intermediate Muay Thai:
After consistent training in the beginner class and a grasp of fundamentals is achieved, students will be invited to move to the intermediate class. Intermediate level techniques, including clinching, are introduced and students begin light/controlled sparring. Your level of fitness will improve above the beginner class as this class is more demanding, faster paced and longer in length. Instructor approval is required for the intermediate class. Class time is usually 1.5 hours in length and a typical intermediate class is structured as follows:

  • Warm Up: 15 Min.
  • Concept or Technique Demo by Instructor: 10 Min.
  • Drilling, Heavy Bag Work, Pad-Work: 35 Min.
  • Light Sparring: 15 Min.
  • Calisthenics: 15 Min.

Advanced Muay Thai:
This class is reserved for students who have mastered fundamental techniques and have achieved an advanced level of fitness. Advanced students spend their training time doing pad work, either with a trainer, or another student of the same level, heavy-bag work, drills and/or sparring. Trainer approval is required before students move from intermediate to advanced classes.

Competitive Muay Thai:
Training time reserved for Sunshine's ’s team of competitive fighters. Training is approximately 2.5 hours in length and consists of the following:

  • Warm-Up & Shadowboxing
  • Pad-Work With a Trainer
  • Bag-work
  • Sparring
  • Strength Training

Fight Fit:
Circuit training class that uses a mix of various equipment, including battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbells, sandbags, bands and medicine balls. No two workouts are the same! Keep your body guessing and get a challenging, total body workout that will build your strength and cardio vascular endurance. Exercises are scaled to accomodate all fitness levels. For men and women of all ages.

Circuit training class similar to FightFit with boxing type drills included.

Boxing technique class to include partner drills, pad work with a trainer,speed bag, double-end bag. For all levels, men and women ages 10 and up.

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