Meet Sunshine Fettkether!

Sunshine began her fighting career in Phoenix, Arizona as an amateur kickboxer and boxer. She had begun her Muay Thai training in 1995 under Bunkerd Faphimai until meeting up with her long time Muay Thai and Boxing coach, Bob Karmel. She had trained consistently in the martial arts, starting with Tae Kwon Do at age 13, and moving on to various other arts until finding Muay Thai. Sunshine took her kickboxing career as far as possible, fighting at every available opportunity, which included bouts in Mexico, Ukraine and throughout the USA. She had also been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and had her first MMA bout in 1997 in Phoenix, AZ. She won three Thai boxing titles, including the IKF Welterweight Muay Thai title. Her final two professional Thaiboxing matches were fought in the Ukraine with Sunshine being the only female member on USKBA Team USA in November 2001. Sunshine […]

Emily Kuzman

Emily is a Muay Thai fighter and certified boxing trainer. She is Level 1 & 2 Certified through the Box ‘N’ Burn Academy in Santa Monica, CA under Olympic Medalist and 7x European Boxing Champ, Tony Jeffries. Emily has been an active member of the United States Navy Reserve since 2013 as a Naval Aircrewman. Emily began training boxing & kickboxing in 2015 while serving in the Navy in Jacksonville, FL. Having the opportunity of coaching only a year later, she began teaching group classes and personal training. Her interest and passion for the sport had inspired her to train for her first fight in 2017 under Sunshine Fettkether, three time world welterweight boxing champions, and 3 time Muay Thai champion. Emily currently holds an amateur record in full rules Muay Thai fighting out of Tempe, AZ.She continues to train, teach, and inspire others through the sweet science of boxing, […]

Meet Joel Dube!


Meet Daniela Nava

Daniela Nava, a chef by trade, graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2003.  She currently spends her days as a chef at Arizona Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sunshine's welcomes Daniela as an instructor and is currently teaching our evening beginner class. Daniela began training at Sunshine's with Sunshine Fettkether in 2016.  She is an active competitor in both Muay Thai and Boxing, most recently fighting a full rules Muay Thai bout for the IKF Light Welterweight title in Carlsbad, CA.  She is eager to help new students acclimate to training and achieving their fitness and training goals.  Daniela’s work ethic is second to none and has a true passion for the sport, as well as food and nutrition.   Daniela is available for private lessons in both Muay Thai and Boxing.  She can be reached via email at